The best 10 tips for web design

The world is now technology. Bangladesh is now being digitalized in line with the world. Technology is moving forward. Reading, business, business, technology is everywhere. Because of that, everyone is constantly relying on the website. This is the day when most people in Bangladesh did not know what a website is. And now millions of websites are being used in Bangladesh. And it is expanding rapidly like the developed world. And the biggest good news is that Bangladesh currently has around five to six million online workers. Most of them are connected to the website in some way. And there are many who want to get into this profession. Today I’m sharing some tips for beginners who need to know. In fact, these are not tips, tips or advice on my experience in doing so.

1 Practice regularly
Being a universal truth for any profession, practice is the key to success. Stretch regularly and try to practice as much as possible. Learn about web design related software and try to master in programming language such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, Photoshop etc.
2 The design Keep it simple
When trying to design a web, try to keep the design as simple as possible. If you notice, the professional websites including Google, Facebook and all the websites have been designed very simple. So, from what you have learned, add some simple graphics that will make your visitor stand out. Do not make the images used on the web page too large, so that the page loads on the page and not too small, so that the user can see the image. Try to keep the image as medium-sized as possible.
3 theme Standard Place
Try to keep the same page design for as many pages as there are on a website. Do not use different style designs for different web pages. So your visitors won’t be confused each time they navigate to your website. Try to use your own graphics as much as possible. When it comes to graphics in Potshop, try to keep the color communication clear.
4 Make the design responsive
People generally use websites on mobile devices differently than desktop computers. Therefore, it is important to make the website responsive. Designing a Responsive Web with CSS Query is very easy. If you use goggle order, add the extensions of this link to your browser. Mobile / Responsive Web Design Tester and Responsive Page Easily. Or, if you have a good idea about bootstrap, make the page responsive with bootstrap.
5 Use simple navigation
Try to keep all the links on your webpage very simple and simple. The internal and external navigation links should appear very quickly and openly to your visitors. Avoid confusing viewing of various designs online. Remember, navigation is the core of a website. All users will visit different pages from where. So try to use navigation that you find easy to see and understand.
6 Write new and interesting articles.
It is natural to have an article on any website. So keep the text size of the article simple and interesting. So that the user can read and understand. And if you want to be successful with a website, then of course, try writing something new about article writing. Avoid copying anyone’s content directly without permission. Yes, visit different websites. Read everything you need, learn and write your own articles. Remember, you must be trendy to succeed. Articles featuring new content will help to increase readership on your website. And use some of the images on the webpage, which are hidden in the image about your article. Get permission to use someone else’s image, Otherwise use images from free image sites. Before using any pictures or plugins, be sure to license. There are usually a few lines of rules in the license. Read and use it to make sure you read. If you need to use someone else’s image privately, then edit the image in Photoshop as your own so that the original image looks a bit exceptional. Don’t make the article too large. Write short but effective content. But edit your image in Photoshop in your own way so that the original image looks a bit exceptional. Don’t make the article too large. Write short but effective content. But edit your image in Photoshop in your own way so that the original image looks a bit exceptional. Don’t make the article too large. Write short but effective content.
7 users choose Feedback
When designing, try to have a comment system in the footer area. Through which visitors can get feedback or feedback. Modify your content as needed by your readers’ feedback. And update the website as the user wants. Remember, no matter how good your graphics or content is, the website may be closed due to the absence of readers. Evaluate your readers. And take their feedback regularly.
8 Professional Try to
Regardless of who you are as a good designer, you should always try to keep in touch with more advanced designers than you are. From whom you can seek help. Evaluate them. Or, follow the designs made by professional designers. If you want to know about web design tips and tricks, never hesitate to ask your fellow designer. Remember, nobody on earth is all junta. Learn from the top web designers as much as you can.
9 website and SEO
Learn better about SEO or search engine optimization. The Sitebar on the left side of where you are now has a tutorial about SEO. Can learn a lot. You will also find several tutorials on SEO on the Internet in Bangla and English. Learn a bit of search engine optimization alongside web design. And make your website a search engine optimization. Enter meta keywords, especially titles or titles, and the basics of a web page. Select a maximum of 8 letters or keywords between 4 and 8 words. Webpage content, facebook Sharing on all social sites including Twitter is also a task of search engine optimization. To share the content of the site, place the social media share button on each web page visible.
10 Believe in yourself
It is most important to believe in yourself in any profession. So trust yourself in what you do. You can never be a successful professional designer unless you have complete faith in yourself. Not Overconfidence, but believing in yourself will motivate you so much that you will never get nervous. If you feel bored to work, take some breaks. Make yourself human again. And work the easy way.

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